Ribs that were "perfect" according to my wife and son.

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    Been trying to get ribs that I was happy with and just don't usually get them there. This time it just worked. I had two slabs of ribs and trimmed them and rubbed them the night before. Used the 2+2+1 method and my wife and son said they were perfect. I kept a pretty constant 250° throughout the entire cooking time.


    Turbinado  sugar

    Garlic Powder

    Sea salt

    Black Pepper

    Dry Mustard

    Dry Basil

    Smoked Paprika

    When I foiled them I added a little melted butter and honey but that was it.

    Here they are a little over 4 hours in after removing the foil. The cast iron pan had mixed veggies (Zucchini, Acorn squash, Onion, and Orange Pepper).

    Here they are cut up and on the plate (many of them already gone before I could get a picture)

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Your family is the best set of judges you can find.  If they like it - keep doing them the same way!  Looks good - you made me hungry!
  3. Nice looking ribs man  [​IMG]   Glad everyone was happy with them  [​IMG]
  4. Looks GREAT!

    Happy smoken.

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    Beautiful color.

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