Ribs in the UDS!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rcwbud, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Finally got it right. Had a lot of trouble, for some reason, smoking ribs in my UDS. Everything else has been spectacular but ribs have not been as good. Today I got it right brothers. I salt and peppered one rack, bourbon rubbed one, and dry rubbed the third in a sweet mesquite rub. Got my UDS at 250, and put them in a rack sitting on a one inch deep pan. Put it at my lowest level and filled the pan with cranapple juice/sweet vinegar/beer mixture. Had two chunks of cherry wood in my charcoal and let her go for three hours. At the one hour mark I sopped them with a mix of vinegar, worchestershire, brown sugar, paprika, and hot sauce. At the three hour mark took them out and wrapped them, and put them back in for another hour and a half.

    They were amazingly good. I liked the salt and pepper the least of the three but they were all three great. The UDS is the best thing I have ever cooked on my life. They are so very worth the effort and time it takes to build one. They are an easy build and you will never be sorry.

    First pic is one hour in, the last is right before they disappeared for the Super Bowl.
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    Those look great! ¬†Nice job...[​IMG]


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