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  1. Doing some beans and ribs for when my sister comes in town later this week. Going to be busy at work, so I figured i would get a jump on a couple things. So I am going to do 2 of the 3 steps (3-2-1) with the ribs and then reheat doing step 3. I am using some of the rub I had left from my Shoulder cook and few weeks ago.Then I can adjust the flavor for next time for a rib rub if needed.

    I have trimmed the spares down to St.Luis cut. I am going to smoke the trimmings to either snack on or add to some greens I am making for dinner that night. But I am sure I will snack....oh I mean quality control taste.... yea that it is quality control..

    I am also doing some smoked beans as well. I just took some canned beans and added yellow mustard, ketchup and brown sugar. I am putting a rack over the beans to smoke some of trimming and allow the dripping to add flavor to them.

    I leave a void in the bottom left corner for air flow. I have lowered the stack.
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  2. scarbelly

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    Looking great my friend - I bet this is going to be tasty. 
  3. So here we are 3 hrs into the smoke. Had a bit of rain and it knocked my temp down below where I wanted it, but we are back on track now.

    Going to try the Trigg method for foiling, just using Agave Nectar instead of honey. I am doing the trimmings and 1 rack without the Tiger Sauce. Wife does not like spicy food. [​IMG]

    So this is what I saw in the smoker after i opened it the first time in 2.75hrs.

    Wrapped and ready for step 2. I did move the beans to the hotter side of the smoker. Need a bit more thickening.

    We will see in about 1.5hrs. The smoker has kicked back to my cook temp.
  4. So here we are after 1.5hrs in foil.

    Setting the glaze.

    I have put the trimmings and 1 rack in the fridge to serve later.
  5. Finished!!

    I did not let the glaze set enough. I pulled them due to temp going down and did not want to put more charcoal or wood on.

    Cut view.

    They were a bit over cooked for comp Q, but for at home they were perfect. I looked over at my wife eating them. I then realized she was eating ribs with a fork!!! I asked her if she was really eating ribs with a fork. She smiled and said "yep, why not if the come off the bone easy!"

    I hope that the ones I reheat will be as good. We shall see.
  6. those look awesome , nice job [​IMG]
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    Looks Good...Not bad for a Rooky![​IMG]...JJ
  8. You do real nice work!!  Quality; meticulous.  I like it!!!  [​IMG]

  9. scarbelly

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    Looks good man - kinda like you were a chef or sumthin [​IMG]
  10. Nice! Those look great. Did you like the Trigg method? I did my first a couple weeks ago. My wife doenst like spicey either..rrrrrr. Leftovers are grubbin man!
  11. Another success!  I like the looks of all of that, but eating ribs with a fork?????  Oh well, what ever works.  Steve
  12. I don't care about competition Q I want my ribs fork tender too!!  Great job.
  13. Yes. I was not sure about it, but figured he was the rib king and give it a shot. I will have to say I really liked it. The only thing I would add is a bit of acid to cut through the sweetness and the fat. But that is me......
  14. Yea I was like really!!!!!! But she was happy and ate more than normal. So I will take it as a win....:yahoo:
  15. Thank you all for the kind words.......

    Jimmy even a rookie can have a good day.....:biggrin:
  16. Yes, as long as momma is happy everyone is happy.  Steve

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