Ribfest 8-25-13

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  1. Yellow mustard, then rub, 12 hours in fridge, 4.5 hrs at 230, mopped twice w/ apple juice, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and olive oil, then foiled for 2 hours at 270. Ate them.. LOL

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    Looks great!  I know they wouldn't have lasted long at my house.

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    Wow smoked the meat right off the bones!
  4. I marinate my ribs, in apple Juice, vegetable oil and Cider Vinegar plus whatever spices I have on hand or think of.  I marinate the ribs for at least 36 hours, then take them out of the marinade and rinse them off.  I then dry them, apply Honey and my rub.  I then put them in the fridge to rest for about 15 hours, then do the 3 - 2 - 1 method to cook them.  These ribs taste better than anything that was at our local ribfest, that according to several people.

    [​IMG]           [​IMG]
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  5. I am gunna try that! Thank You!![​IMG]

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