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  1. Hi SMF - it's me Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for rib racks?  I found some at Home Depot but they looked really small - didn't look like a whole rack of ribs would fit on it [​IMG]....I have 25 racks of ribs to smoke and need to find a way to cook those bad boys all at one time. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  Another question; if I smoke my ribs using the racks - should I still use the 3-2-1 method?  will all the ribs get smoked properly? I would have to stack them for the "2" part.  At what temp should I run my smoker? What's the rule of thumb for the number of ribs per person?  I'm thinking about 4 ribs per person.  I will be serving ribs with 2 side dishes.    See y'all have missed me (and my questions) haven't you lol.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby  
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  2. I got my racks from Cabela's and thought they were kind of small until I used them.  All you are using the rack for is to put the ribs in a vertical position for the smoking portion of the cook.  The 2 and 1 parts of the 3-2-1 you won't need the racks.  I've only smoked pork ribs, though, and those have always been cut down the middle.  Not sure how they would work with beef ribs a s they tend to be bigger but, IMHO, not nearly the amount of meat.
  3. ok thanks for the info.  I will be smoking pork ribs.


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