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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoken george, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi need some advice, I am entering a Rib Cook-off should I brine or no brine. Also I am using Jeff's Naked Rib Rub recipe.
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    I would not brine pork products.  I just recently entered my first cook-off and trust me you are going to have a blast.  I did a 3-3-1 spareribs and hit a homerun.  I personaly do not brine anything but poultry.  Have fun!
  3. I have been doing cookoffs for over twelve years and dont plan to stop. You will love it and will find that if you continue, that you will gain hundreds of family members. I am a member of the Texas Gulf Coast barbeque cookers assosiation and love it. But anyway i have made more money in winnings on my ribs. First i st. louis cut them then season with your fav. seasoning. I smoke them at 250 for about four hours. I then place them on alluminum foil and heavily cover wih Sugar in the raw. Wrap tightly and coninue cooking. About 3 hours later the meat starts to pull away from the bone. Coat in a thin layer of your fav. sauce and continue to cook untill sauce is cooked in leaving the ribs open. Enjoy and good luck.
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    just make sure that you have enough time to do the ribs properly.

     I have seen  a bunch of the smaller non sanctioned comps that are only allowin 5 -6 hrs total to prep, cook and get your entry in.

     Makes it impossible if your go to way of cooking is the 3-2-1 method.
  5. Never heard that, but that doesn't say your incorrect. I would't cook in one of them and i sure wouldn't be a judge. People that pay money to turn in ribs are going to turn in what they make. I dont want any undun pork. Smoken George, if you are limited on your time in that manner i would not enter it anyway.
  6. ecto1

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    Forgot to mention I did the 3-3-1 because I cooked them at about 225 due to having too much time to turn in ribs after they changed the turn in time on me.  needed an extra hour so I turned down the heat and left in foil a bit longer.  If you have less time you may want to consider 2 hours on smoke 3 hours in foil
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    Do you have more info on the contest? As eman said, If it's not a sanctioned event you may have a time constraint.

    But to answer your question, There is no need to brine them.

    Good Luck
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    Now I have never smoked ribs in any contest or cook-offs but I have smoked a ton of ribs and I have never brined any rack of ribs. Now I have also seen many a folks that say they don't eat ribs just about slap the wife/ husband to get to more ribs too. So smoke them the way that you like them and then see how they like them. After all you might think that the ribs are great and the judges don't like them at all. you never know.
  9. Thanks for the info, The contest is at our local Moose Lodge time is not a problem we just have lost of people think they can cook. I just want to show them how to do it right. I am doing a test run this weekend The cook-off is not til Feb 26th
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    Good luck & don't forget the qview
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    Good luck, George!
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    Good Luck ...
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    Good luck 
  14. Good luck... I am thinking about doing a local cook off as well.  We will have to see!  Hope it turns out good for you!!
  15. Hey Guys I just want to say thanks for all the replays you people great

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