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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by hamature, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I am having my first RF Smoker built and I have been doing research on the burn in.  I have seen people doing burn in with wood or charcoal and have seen everything from PAM to peanut oil recommended.  What is the best method to do a burn in? what did you use?  Why?
  2. I used good quality canola oil. Reason I chose canola oil is mainly because it was recommended by the more experienced guys on the forum. I slightly heated the CC, squirted it in the CC using a small PET bottle where I had poked a hole in the cap with a nail (again, tip from forum guys), then wiped excess off and raised the temps to max.

    For the next rig I probably choose flaxseed oil, as it seems to be very good for seasoning e.g. cast iron skillets. There's a good (somewhat scientific) article on why it's good here .

    If (when) I switch my cooking grates to cast iron I will definitely season them in the oven using the technique described in the article.

    Cheers /Wes
  3. can you provide a link to the article you reference?
  4. Sorry about that I missed the "here" when I read it.  Thanks for the link though..there is some great information on that site!  Really gives me a lot to think about.  :) 
  5. So, the new smoker was finally delivered on Sunday.  I will post some pictures later.  I need to get the grates out and into the house for seasoning them, and also still need to season the inside of the smoker as well.  Lots to do and the rainy season has already begun here in WA.  :(
  6. Easy way to season, get a can of Pam or other spray oil and spray the grates and inside of CC.  I usually take some bacon grease and mix with a good cooking oil, put in a spray bottle and spray everything inside the CC, fire it up and get it hot, I usually spray it again while it is still hot.


  7. Here is the final product.  Michael over at www.pepperbox.us built it for me.  I seasoned the grates and inside with flax seed oil.  Weather has been too nasty to do up some meat but, I am really looking forward to the next nice day (or even semi nice) so I can give her a go.

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