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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bishgeo, May 7, 2014.

  1. bishgeo

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    Other than sand blasting any body recommend a good brand of grinder disc that will take that soft black paint of factory pipe I bought. Tried a hard spong type disc lasted about five mins. Haven't tried 40 grit on my air board yet. 😂
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    One oft favorite ways to remove paint, rust etc from metal is to use electrolysis. Course you have to have a tub big enough for the part.
  3. lendecatural

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    Are you talking about the pipe that is shown on page 3 of your build thread? If so, it looks like mill scale and it's hard to remove but a flap disk on a 4 1/2" grinder works good enough to paint. Nothing is as good as sandblasting....

  4. bishgeo

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    Mill scale on flat steel cheap paint on 20" pipe from mfg just plain enamel no hardner.
  5. txsean

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    I used a knotted wire wheel with success to remove some of the paint on mine. But I picked up a couple Norton stripper wheels (the blue ones) from amazon and worked like a champ. I guess you used to be able to find them at home depot but I sure couldn't. Check them out on amazon... its an option
  6. rikun

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    I'm getting my tank sandblasted, but I have to cook before that. Do you I could cook with the old paint on, or would it start giving aromas to my BBQ? I don't think the outside of cooking chamber would get that hot at all...
  7. bishgeo

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    wire wheel to take sticky stuff off lacquer thinner and sponge type stripper disc.
  8. bishgeo

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