Reheat fully cooked bone in pork loin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rmmurray, Mar 27, 2015.

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    So yesterday my wife, bless her heart, brought home a Trader Joe's fully cooked bone in pork loin. While I'm disappointed that she spent that kind of money on a fully cooked piece of meat, I can't falt her for that. If I did we wouldn't stay married for very long and she just buy some other guy pork loin😉
    Anyway, I realize that I can just prepare it in the oven like the direction suggest, but Jeff's newsletter yesterday about the double smoked Easter ham got me thinking about preparing this in the mini WSM.
    So my question this morning to you all is this, if you had to prepare this, how would you do it?
  2. I have a new addiction to reheating my food or prepared foods like this one in my Sous Vide.  I would put it in a 130 degree bath for a couple hours, then pop it out and sear the outside, keep all the moisture in.  That's just me ....... you don't need a Sous Vide to do this, just a thermometer.  Fill an ice chest with hot water, add boiling water until you get a temp of about 135. Toss the package in, if not already sealed a zip-loc bag with the air pushed out will work.  The water should keep temp, if not, add a little hot water along the way to keep it steady 125 - 135.  Pull it out and brown it up when you're ready to eat.
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    Thanks frog1369. That's a great idea. Won't dry out at all that way.

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