re-heating pulled pork.

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  1. After reading Gary g's post earlier got me thinking. My oldest son is getting married next June. He wants me to make Pulled Pork for the reception. With everything else going on, I thought I would smoke them a day or so earlier. How would I re-head for serving without overcooking and or drying it out? I'm used to making them and everyone just eating when it's done, not sure that would be a good plan for a wedding!
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    I have thought about doing the same thing for a family event. I am planning on using an electric roaster or crock pot. Put the meat along with drippings and foiling juices in and set it up high until it reaches 165°F then turn it to warm. Got the information from this thread
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    Vac seal with some of the de-fatted juices.  Re-heat in the vac sealed bag by placing in boiling water for a few minutes.  It will taste just like the day you made it.
  4. Totally agree with Westby's instructions. I've done a reception for 75 people and a wedding this past weekend for my daughter with 66 people.  I smoked all the meat a month ago and vacu-sealed it.  Thawed in refrigerator 3 days in advance and then 2 hours before wedding I put all that meat in 3 large cookpots full of hot water.  I kept mine below boiling though because I didn't know when we were going to serve it.  I heated the water for the brisket/pork to 170 and to 160 for the chicken (didn't want to cook it further).  Turned out great.
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    Your suggestion is a great one for reheating as it is faster than an oven. But for a few minutes is a little vague...For Safety Pulled Pork needs to be reheated to a minimum of 165° and enough for a crowd will take longer than a few minutes. Thanks for responding to the post...JJ[​IMG]

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