Rainy day cow and sow experiment w/ Q vue

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  1. So when I was picking up some sirloin the other day there was this slab o pork labeled as country style rib. Didn't look like any rib cut I ever saw but it was a fine hunk of pork for $2.99 lb so I grabbed one.  Decided to treat it like a pulled pork butt and see what happens...

    No Q vue of the prep but basically rubbed it and plastic wrapped it last night, stuck it in fridge until this morning at 10 when I put it in with my jerky meat

    Ran initial chamber temp at about 190* for the jerky. Started with hickory chunks.

    2 1/2 hours in and jerky is done. Moved roast to top rack and switched over to apple chunks.  Boosted temp to about 220*

    4 hours in  Lookin' pretty good if I do say so....IT @ 160*

    Time for a lil spritz of apple juice and a shot of Jerry.  Lil bump for the cook too [​IMG]

    More Q vue as things unfold......
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  2. tropics

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    Sitting here with a beer waiting looks good so far
  3. Hands Tropics a hunk o jerky and a bump of Jerry...
  4. 10 minutes till 4. IT now at 170*   Wrapped it in foil at 160*

    As our friend Old School says...."Patience is a virtue"   I'm trying Old School !
  5. 4:30 p.m.  IT hit 209* - wrapped in a towel and stowed in the cooler. Praying.....
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  6. It should be good. The pics look good so far. I normally don't go that high of an IT with CSR so I get a good bite.

    Happy smoken.

  7. Gonna call this a success. Tender, juicy, smokey. 

    Whatever that cut was it made a real fine pulled pork

    Fried mushrooms and onion rings for a side....

    And, dinner is served....

     I could really use a wagon and someone to roll me away from the table please !

    As always, huge thanks to all who posted their techniques to this site.  I learned much from all of ya'll [​IMG]    A round of cold ones for the house !
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    Everything looks great! Especially that jerky and onion rings! Some year I may try to make some jerky to expensive to buy the good stuff and to disappointed with the cheap stuff.
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    Seriously looks amazing. I gotta know, I am a fan of the Capt., how does Jerry's taste?

    Great looking smoke. Grats!
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    Great lookin smoke.
  11. Now that is a nice looking meal....
  12. Thanks for the kind words all.  It was an epic feast ! Gonna do that pork roast more often for sure.

    B one, once you try your own jerky you'll be hooked. Super easy to do and comes out so good you'll never buy store crap again. Lots of good info here on procedures.

    Handing foamy a shot of Jerry...try this, ya may never go back to Morgan ha. A bit darker, more complex flavors and a bit more kick.  It's 90 proof,  Great sippin' rum !

    Time to go bag a buck, ya'll have a good day eh [​IMG]

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