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    Now that everyone has voiced there keep the door shut opinions, let me say I have spritzed. Why? Because I wanted to make sure that everyone that dropped by got to see my good looking meats cooking without appearing to be a show off. "Sure guys I'll take another beer, hold on a minute while I mop the meat", "Yeah they are lookin guuuuuud, aren't they!"

    That's why I spritzed/moped. AND I won't say I will not do it again either! Is it worth a 10 min addition to cooking time? Sometimes, you betcha!
  2. Yes I agree you gotta have great pulled pork FIRST.  the store bought cheapo buns ......don't do store bought bread of any kind.  Make bread just the way my Mom taught me - from scratch!!  My pulled pork is coming along nicely - on my way to the restaurant supply store to purchase a digital thermometer. Make it a great smoking kind of day!

  3. ha-ha......now that's funny because I've been "showing off" all morning [​IMG]4 of my neighbors just happened to drop by.  One of them said "oh I just followed that amazing smell" FYI - I did spritzed twice and both times my temp dropped but my smoker kicked butt (pardon the pun) with the temp - recovered nicely and went right back up within a minute or so.  I am getting ready to crank-up the aroma - making homemade buns when I get back from the store.  will probably have at least 3 of my neighbors over for dinner and lots of libations! that's the way we roll here in Vegas!!!!! Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby
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    Well, SVB......I get the feeling you're going to be a 'wild & crazy' addition to the forum....lmao. Let the good times ROLL along with that smoke. I like Foams answer.....I usually don't but sometimes spritz or mop....mopping is fun & messy and most folks who don't que LOVE to see what's going on in there. Stuff sizzling, smoke rolling, pig smelling delish...all part of the mystique, no? Enjoy the heck outta your first smoke.....I admire your tackling this with an offset....Willie
  5. Oh my!  Make sure you post some pics!  [​IMG]
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    I have used the apple cider and it's nice.  Leaves a nice taste and smell too

  7. thanks Chef Willie I'm having a blast with my new offset smoker the only way to roll I might add. I have a barrel smoker I use all the time - smokes the heck out of some beer can chicken, and  I have a commercial char-broil grill with a (side burner).   Love to use my char-broil grill when I want to get down with some grilled steaks, vegetable & meat skewers and anything else I want to throw on that bad boy.  A girl can NEVER have enough grills and kitchen gadgets.  My husband calls me the "kitchen gadget queen" and title I absolutely adore. Haven't mopped anything YET.  I suspect I will be buying a bbq mop today for my next smoking adventure!  Can't believe how much useful info I have received from SMF.com.......I'm feeling the love today - thanks everyone - keep those helpful comments coming.

    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby  
  8. I wanna see a pic[​IMG]. where are the pics[​IMG]  [​IMG]

    Don't you have a dog or something you can post[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.


    Leave the lid closed!
  9. ok.............. I am leaving the lid closed and as for a dog - well our Boxer - Brandy passed away on March 12th this year. I am going to break the rules and open up my smoker lid so I can take a few pics.  stand by pics are coming. I made myself a few of these - hey a girl can get real thirsty cooking all dang day!  Will probably have to make another batch just in case [​IMG]

  10. ok David - here are pics of my first pork butt not bad for a "newbie"

     close-up of my pork butt....I sooooooo wanted to take a bite but I resisted [​IMG]

     my digital thermometer I purchased today because everyone kept telling me "NO PEEKING" so this is my no-peeking-device!!!!

     my beautiful pork butt - really proud of my very first smoke.  now the proof is going to be in how it taste!
  11. so ms smoker

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     hat looks awesome. It will be great !

  12. Yeah I noticed how nice the smell is coming out of my smoker....that's probably what attracted my neighbors lol. 

  13. I certainly hope so. thanks Mike
  14. So is it done yet?  [​IMG]    [​IMG]
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    Happy, Happy thread... PP & homemade buns.. I'll never get tired of it.   Everyones comments on spritzing was spot on, I only do it to show some love, otherwise I think a finishing sauce will capture all the extra flavor profile you'd need on top of a great smoke.
  16. Nice looking Butt! starting to take on great color.

    Now here is the problem. you peeked so[​IMG]  fallowed by[​IMG]  you have to fallow the [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.


    Waiting of the money shot[​IMG]
  17. oh my word YES.  I must say my homemade Brioche buns was out-shined by the pulled pork.  It was friggin' A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  It was tender and the flavor was off the charts good.  Three of my neighbors showed up (as expected) with libations AND their plates....... My husband is a happy man right about now.  Might have to smoke something else tomorrow.  Here's more pics.  Josie

  18. Great looking sammiches!  [​IMG]    You did a fine job with your smoke  [​IMG]   I agree with you - you should smoke something tomorrow  [​IMG]    [​IMG]

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