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    How do you know if you are getting too much creosote, how do you control it the amount you are getting?  
  2. Hi Eric - you'll taste it. iyll be yucky and bitter.

    the way i avoid it is to keep a clean burning fire (no thick dark smoke) and keep the airflow clear by ensuring that the smoke has a way to escape the smoker. (in my case i keep my top vent fully open)
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    Howzit people , im new guy and live in SA and i have a question . I cant get ahold of any oak , maple or cherry or any good wood  for good reasonable price. I can however get SALIGNA wood which is gumtree . loads of it at very good prices. Im still busy building my double barrel smoker and have attached a pic of it , still quite a bit of work left

    So i quess my question is , Can i use this wood to smoke meat ????
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    I don't know anything about your wood. If it's anything like our sweet gum, it is very wet and retains moisture a long time. It's also a b**ch to split as the grain is very crooked and narley.

    Your cooker looks very nice. Keep posting pics of the build. Good smoking, Joe

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