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  1. I made about three batches of sausages using Boston Butts and I felt that they were kind of dry and didnt have quite the right texture, but on  my last batch , I used pork picnic , and it turned out juicy and the texture was better.

    Has anyone else had the same results? I'm not sure if it was the meat or the different way I ground it. You would think the butt would have more fat ratio?
  2. Depends on the butt, some have ample fat and some don't.
    What constitutes ample fat is, of course, a matter of personal preference.

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    How did you grind each
  4. Well, on the butts, I used about 8 pounders, I trimmed and separated as much as the fat from the pork as possible , cut everything into small cubes, froze the fat and chilled the pork.

    On the first batch (following an Italian sausage recipe) I ground both through the 3/8 plate ( separately) and then re-ground the fat after freezing it again before mixing the two together.and stuffing. It was very dry and texture was bad.

    On the 2nd batch,( same recipe but left out fennel and added crushed red pepper) I froze the fat and chilled the pork, ground them once through 3/8 plate before mixing and stuffing. Texture was a little better, was not as dry as first batch, but still fairly dry.

    On the 3rd batch, I bought a 7lb picnic, I trimmed the skin off leaving as much fat as possible, then diced it all up into small cubes ( did not separate the fat this time) then stuck it in freezer until almost frozen and ground it all through 3/8 plate. I decided at the last minute to try a German hot dog recipe, so I mixed in the ingredients, stuck it in freezer until almost frozen and ran it through the medium sized plate before stuffing.

    The recipe used the same amount of salt.

    The batch with the picnic, even though ground finer, gave what seems like a chunkier texture ( more like store bought kielbasa) and even though the picnic appeared to have much less fat when cutting it, this batch is juicier. You bite into it and it drips.

    Everyone says that the first two batches were so so, ( they don't want to say they sucked) but everyone really like the last batch a lot, saying exactly that, better texture and juicier.

    I'm just trying to figure out was it the meat, or he grind, before I go shopping this afternoon.
  5. Hers a pic from right now, the stuff to the left is early batch, the middle is the picnic.  See how more plump it is and how the other stuff looks shruck up and dry

  6. Well, it only took them 15 minutes to eat them all though!!1
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    Why all the seperation and freezing......... Remove the butt from the fridge and chunk the butt "not seperating the fat" grind all of it, season and mix, place back in the fridge for a few hrs then stuff........If your going to take long periods of time in between steps.. keep it in the refrigerater. Give that a try................................ I just did some italians and they were spot on..............................................................................................
  8. [​IMG]   I don't separate the fat from the meat either but if the pork is too lean I will add some fat when I grind...
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    I have seen and done all that separate and freeze biz too, with mixed results. Then when I got serious about Sausage, Shannon127 showed me how to keep it simple, Butt comes from the refer, cut into strips Along the Grain, Fat, Sinew, Meat and all only removing any glands, then into the grinder so the blade cuts across the grain. Season and mix to combine. Next day add the water called for and mix until Very Sticky. Stuff the casing and cook or smoke depending on type. Have never had a crumbly or dry sausage since. I'm a firm believer in the KISS method for Sausage now...JJ 
  10. I had read that separating the fat and freezing it before grinding kept it from getting "pasty" ,...but I think you all are right, keeping it simple as I did in the last batch may be the biggest difference. They may not look like all that in the pic, but those German sausages were freakin good...I eat about four and then took a nap. The picnic is still wrapped in foil untouched.

      I will try the same recipe with a but next time and see if it turns out the same.

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