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  1. It's time for me to buy a new smoker.  I've been using a Char Broil Offset smoker for a few years now, but the weather has finally killed it.  Now I'm trying to decide what to get.  Since I've been smoking with an offset, I'm kind of leaning towards another one of those, but I've also been considering other options.  My question is, has anyone switched from an offset smoker to anything else and prefer the switch.  I usually smoke 2-3 racks of pork ribs or full turkeys or brisket.  I've been considering the trager pellet fed (unsure how the smoke taste compares), or a gas/charcoal offset, maybe the Brinkman Vertical smoker....hell I don't know lol
  2. I'm open to any suggestions, electric, propane, charcoal....I want to buy a new smoker this weekend, but can't make up my mind on what to get. [​IMG]
  3. I still use an offset, but my next one will be the 22inch Weber Smokey Mountain. Its got awesome reviews and People on here always have good things to say about them too.
    Good luck with your decision :) :)
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    Personally, I wouldn't switch from my offset but if I did my choice would be WSM 22. I have a Weber 22.5 kettle that I use for chicken and stuff where it's not economical to fire up the Lang. The cheapo units are a lot of work to get right. The WSM is a quality unit and you can unpack it and invite your friends over for a BBQ. If my Weber 22.5 wore out, which doesn't seem to be doing any time soon, I'd buy a WSM to replace it.   
  5. Yeah, im thinking the offset may be the beat option, mainly because of the sizes of meats i smoke....can a charcoal offset be use gas too
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on the brinkman smoke n grill pro?....i like that concept of dual fuels and use....any idea where to get this or something better...or a good offset in san diego
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    If you are using an offset SFB.... why switch..... Pellet fired smoker can be expensive... buying pellets cost more then splits.... gas won't give the same flavor.... briquettes are good but they need splits for flavor......
    The only thing close to the offset is the reverse flow SFB.... same cooking principle..... either smoker needs to be absolutely air tight for good heat/smoke control and efficiency in burning.....
    Considering what you have been cooking on, and if you like it...... I would go with a higher end SFB and make sure it is air tight.... If the size you have does the job, I wouldn't go any bigger.... Trying to learn a new smoker can take months if not longer.....

    If you want to build a new smoker...... we can help.....
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    A cheapo offset can be modified to accept propane. You can see how it's done on I started with a smoking pro and completed all the modifications I could find but still couldn't get it to perform the way I wanted so I converted it to propane as a last resort. As DaveOmak indicated flavor was lacking and I never could get it air tight. I finally gave up and sold it.  
  9. Thanks for all the input. I guess im of to get another fsb. and grill today
  10. I love my Brinkmann TrailMaster LE. After some mods, I have this thing dialed. I can get cook chamber end temps within 5 degrees of each other. I think folks who make it a point to do rib racks really need something with the cook surface area of an offset smoker. The BTMLE is a very good smoker for $300.
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    1-1/2" black pipe slotted with hack saw (Bears Favorite Pic)

    Pipe burner test before adding RF plate.

    Both Burners are removable

    Running wood and Gas

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