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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by franko, May 5, 2012.

  1. I want to make some smoked breakfast sausage that calls for powdered dextrose. I cannot find any of this local and don't want to order it unless absolutely necessary. Can anyone tell me of a viable substitute for powdered dextrose for sausage making?
  2. If you have a brewing supply shop nearby they carry dextrose/cornsugar.
  3. A health/natural food store.

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    Found this from Nepas from another website:
    Hope he's ok with me posting this.
  5. Thanks for the quick help. We don't have a brewing supply store here but we do lhave a health food shop. I will check this first. Again, thanks.
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    I dont know.......... I'd lock my doors and windows If I were you.............
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    Its all good

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    Someone jump in and correct me if I'm wrong,

    Isnt dextrose just finely powdered white sigar and you could "blenderise it" 
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    Dextrose (same as glucose) is essentially the same as sucrose (table sugar) calorically, but not as sweet (70% as sweet as sucrose).

    That's important to remember if you're planning on substituting table sugar for dextrose in a recipe.

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    Be careful if you are assuming you can substitute other sugars for Dextrose.  I understand it is the prefered ingredient/ food source for bacteria in fermented sausages.  If the recipe calls for Dextrose I would use Dextrose.
  12. If you use the Karo, make sure it doesn't have vanilla flavoring.
  13. Dextrose is Corn Sugar. Totally different then Table sugar(Sucrose)

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