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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cuppedwings, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. No....not does this propane smoker make my butt look big!

    I am in the process of smoken my first pork butt.  I have my ET-73 set at: hi 250 lo 215 and it has been running pretty consistant at around 220-225.  I started it at 4:00 this morning as I was allowing 12 hours to smoke this 8 Lb. butt.

    Maybe this is a typical rookie issue, but after just 5 hours in the smoker the internal temp is already at 161*F.  Do you guys think this is coming along too fast or is this normal?  I took a standard meat thermometer to double check the digital one and got the same reading.  I also checked a couple of different spots on the meat and made sure I was getting the probe about the center of the meat.  Am I worrying over nothing?
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    I may have missed something here, what is the size/weight of the butt? Nothing personal you understand.
  3. Pretty much. Butt's will get up to about 160 degrees pretty fast. But when it hits that point, thats where the connecting tissue starts to heat up, thus it takes a long time to get it that last few degrees. But when that connecting tissue is gone, that when the butt falls apart!! Easy pulling!! Good luck with the rest of your smoke!!!
  4. Ha ha ha nothing personal taken Rich. [​IMG]   8 Lbs. sir!

    Thanks karnowski, that is what I was hoping to hear.  Qview to follow
  5. sounds like you are right on track.  Patience is the key and if you have tested the thermo and trust it...then just wait until it gives you the temp you want.  Like the Beatles sang - "Let it be"
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    Rich...your butt's gonna be fine...My 6 pounder is at 159*, 4 1/2 hours in.  Yummmmmy, I can't wait!  ooops, the ET-73 just rang in at 160* almost time to wrap!  Meant to set the alarm for 165*. 
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    I would say it will be done in about 4hrs. Pull it out, wrap in a towel and a cooler for and hour or two, pull and serve, Enjoy 
  8. Allrighty!  Sorry to ask so much here guys, but do I wrap the butt in foil at 165* then put back in smoker to finish at 190*?  I'm a little confused. [​IMG]
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    You wrap the butt and put it back into the smoker if your going to pull/chop for pulled pork take it to 200-205 then wrap the foiled butt in an old towel and place in a dry cooler for at least one hour for the juices to redistribute before pulling/chopping. If your slicing it 190 would be the temperature I would pull it out and place int eh cooler to rest.

    I said back into the smoker after foiling but the truth is once foiled you can place it in an oven set at 225-250 to finish up if you want to save fuel in the smoker tank. Once foiled the meat will not be taking in any more smoke so the heat source doesn't really matter. You will get those that say start it in the smoker finish it in the smoker but I say whatever works best for you
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  11. Hey Piney and Dean....thanks a million!!

    Here is a [email protected] 167*  Now then, time to go wrap this puppy up and finish it off.

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    Great looking bark!  That's gonna be a tasty butt!
  13. Well the butt is in da cooler and it looks like things went extremely well with today's smoke.  It spent a total of 12 hours and 6 minutes in the smoker ( newbie fashion I timed it to the minute...LOL)  I am excited to see the end results and in about 20 minutes we will see.  I would like to thank you guys that helped me out in my maiden voyage of a real smoke.  I know it's hard to screw up a pork butt as everyone says they are pretty forgiven, but I'm putting a positive spin on it and saying it has given me confidence to advance my smokin' skills as it is.  Just wanted to give an update and say thanks.

    Disclaimer:  Just wanted to say about the following picture....I did not leave the receiver on the smoker during the smoking process...I put it on there just for the picture.

    Finishing strong:

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    Congrats so far but don't forget the final product Qview also known as the drool shot [​IMG]
  15. Here it turned out real good.  Thanks again for the help.

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    It looks awesome nice job [​IMG]
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    Yes sir ree bob that's one good looking butt you have there wing dude. You sure did a fabulous job on that thing so here's some [​IMG]    points for you if i can finger out how to do it now with the big change and everything.

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