Pulled Pork for 85 of my closest friends!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokin pastor, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. :grilling_smilie:I need a little help here guys. I have a Smokin It 2. I need to deliver pulled pork for 85 friends on Tuesday (Oct 6, 2015) evening at 5:00. After figuring up about 31lbs (raw weight) ought to do it;
    1) should I will order 3- 10lb + boneless netted roasts; or 6- 5lb netted roasts?
    Next I will rub it all (w Jeff's famous rub recipie) and load up the smoker.
    2) Should I set my temp for the normal 225' or what temp?
    3) Do I need to baste?
    4) How long should they take to reach 200+?
    5) Do I need to rotate their positions?
    6) How much smoke do I need?

    I welcome any and all words of wisdom!! :grilling_smilie:
  2. I'm following this :) first timer here
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  3. brickguy221

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    Jill, take your time and study what others say, especially people like Bearcarver, daRicksta, Dr K, Chef Jimmy J,, jted, and etc such people as they have  a lot of experience. There are others also, but these people are the first that come to my mind at the moment here.

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  4. drewed

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    1 - Smaller will/ should cook faster.  I've never had a netted roast, nor have I cooked boneless, but whatever

    2 - Depends on your smoker and how long you want to smoke for.  Lower temps = longer time.  I tend to shoot for about 225ish, but I have been know to drift upwards of 275 if I want to speed things up.

    3. No

    4. Depends on almost everything.  Including weather and size of your smoker.  Plan on at least 12 hours but some could be done in under 10 and others could go 16+

    5. Depends on your smoker.

    6. Enough without too much.  And I'm not being a smart-ass here.  It depends on how much smoke you like and what type of wood you are using
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  5. walta

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    Sound like an important event. I would start early and once it got up to temp I would pull it apart and put it in crock pots and keep it warm.

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  6. Like Drewed stated I would figured this a 16 hr smoke @ 225. Make sure you have a good cooler on hand to rest the butts in if they finish up a little early.

    Not sure on the smoke, I would check in with the guys that own and use a Smokin It #2 in the Smokin It Thread.

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  7. dr k

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    Those are kind words Jim! Like Bear mentions, it feels good to get feedback when it helps others. There are no stupid questions.
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  8. "I would check in with the guys that own and use a Smokin It #2 in the Smokin It"

    Honestly I thought I was posting it there!!
  9. foamheart

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    Here is the best piece of advise you'll get, start smoking now!

    Oddly enough pulled pork is without a doubt the best meat you can reheat, I really think like soup, stew & beans its better the second day. Smoke the butts ahead of time, pull and put in ziplocks in the reefer. Then the day when needed either heat in a crock pot, steam table, of an alum pan sealed with tin foil, all three will heat without too badly affecting the moisture content.

    Moisture content! If you cook ahead it gives you a chance to help the moisture while at the same time adding flavor. There are a few recipes around here for "Finishing sauce" Personally I like Chef JJ's, you use just a wee bit for moisture and it also has all these delightful spices also. You don't really taste the spices unless you over indulge with the sauce, but it makes your pulled pork taste better than other's and no one can put a reason on it, Poof you are a smoking genius! reheat for the part, add a squirt bottle or bowl of warmed BBQ sauce next to the meat and a pan of warmed buns and you'll be a hero.

    Smoke a head, a little at a time or all at once, but smoke ahead and don't be sitting around the smoker when its time to eat looking for the number for pizza doodle in the phone book. Seriously pulled pork is better tomorrow, you can smoke without stress, and allow longer sitting times for those juices to redistribute. Plus a chance for a bit of finishing sauce.

    Smoke ahead of time and you'll be a happier person at the party.

    80 people = 1/3 lb each 80/3 = 28 lbs. x2 for weight lost due to rendering = 56 lbs of precooked pork. I would smoke butts or shoulders, whatever you can get and get cheapest. Even at 1/4 lb servings you are still looking a 40 lbs. of meat with sides.
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  10. Exactly what I had planned- to smoke ahead. Also- the good news is the dinner has been postponed til the 28th!!?lots of time!!

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