Pulled pork... By accident... A wonderful mistake.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by worktogthr, Aug 31, 2014.

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    So... For Labor Day I was going to bring ribs to my sister in laws house. I decided that since most of that crowd are not fans of eating the ribs off the bone I might as well smoke up all the sparerib trimmings I had in the freezer (skirt, rib tips, brisket bones). My plan was to smoke the thinner pieces in my MES and the brisket bones in my masterbuilt propane. Well, the MES smoke went fine, set and forget with my AMNPS. Nice smoke, good tenderness but I pulled them a little early knowing they will be finished on a grill and sauced. Haha and the masterbuilt propane was a whole other story. They were some big thick brisket bones, 6 all together so I decided I would 3-2-1 them. So after three hours of smoke, I put them in some foil pans and put some of my apple juice and maple bourbon spritz in the pans and back in te smoker. Went to the bar in my basement with a buddy and we were doing some fantasy football research for our draft today, started drinking some beers and BSing. Well, at eleven o'clock when he was leaving, I realized that my 3-2-1. Became a 3-4. I ran outside frantically, pulled them from the smoker an prayed that they wouldn't be totally wasted. Well, all the bones had fallen out, and the pork probed in the high 190s. I accidentally made pulled pork and honestly. It is awesome. Super tender, a lot of bark, and really juicy. Here are some pics...

    Anyone else ever do this by accident or on purpose? Seems like a great way to use up those pork brisket bones.
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    Looks good. I love it when a mistake comes together.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Hard to call that a mistake!
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    Great looking mistake.
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    Yum!  [​IMG]

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