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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by flynifr, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. OK, wanted to try someone new with my propane cabinet smoker that I was never really happy with. I just couldn't get enough smoke. I picket up a side fire box, cut out the side vent in the cabinet smoker and attached then with a 10" stove pipe. Awesome smoke now and I can burn lump charcoal and wood for smoke instead of chips or pellets. The problem is that I can't get the temp up withou running the propane burner as well. I have all the intake vents closed on the cabinet an covered the bottom opening where the the burner is with foil and wrapped the connecting pipe in foil insulation still I can only maintain about 180 in the cabinet with the fire box over 400. The outside temp is around 90 here. Any suggestions?
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    Looks like the exhaust on the propane unit is closed.... open it...  also that exhaust looks a little small to allow good air flow.... make it larger in diameter...  also, in the door of the SFB, add an air intake in the end door above the intake that is there...  place it about right directly across from the connecting stack to the smoker....    That will allow you to move the heat from the SFB to the smoker......   Nice mod by the way...  It will work when you get it figured out......

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  3. Thanks Dave. The exhaust is wide open buy may be a little small as you pointed out. I will also try adding the second intake above the grate.
  4. On other similar set ups I've seen the fire box is directly attached to the smoker, the more distance from the smoker it cools. With enough distance you could cold smoke. Just my 2 shekels
  5. I took your advice and drilled 4- 1/2" holes to the side of the firebox at the level of the exhaust on the opposite side to improve draft. It was the best I could do since it was already smoking for the day. The results were immediate. I now have the lower inlet below the grate almost closed and the cabinet temp is holding at 232. If I open the inlet full the temp goes to at least 275. I stopped it there. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Board puller, I wanted to attach it directly but there is a lower handle on the cabinet that prevented it. To attach it anywhere else would have required more cutting and fab work to attach it. This is actually pressure fit together so I can easily take it apart and move it.
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    Hey Flyn..... Glad you found a way to mod it with little effort and got GREAT results.....    maybe the exhaust stack is OK....  You be the judge and wait for further mods...  

    What is the FB temp now ??  It should have cooled down considerably and I'll bet you are using less wood too.....

  8. How are you guys measuring firebox chamber temps? I'd bet that my FB has been above 600-700 degrees at times...
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    InfraRed non contact therm.......

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