Problem w/ my ET-732

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by nitrobass24, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. I have had my Mav ET-732 for about 3 months now, but for the past month or so the BBQ probe does not seem to just shows LLL, regardless of the temp. For example right now, my BBQ is at 250, per the crappy dial on the front, but the 732 is showing LLL.

    I have power cycled the units, this happens when days go by without me using it. 
  2. pgsmoker64

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    Almost sounds like the probe is not properly seated.  Be sure the probe is plugged securely into the unit.  Also, make sure you turn on the receiver before the transmitter (the one you plug the probes into). 

    If this doesn't work contact customer service.

    Good luck,

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    yea.. customer service, as your probe went bad... It is imperative that the probes don't be put underwater (not saying that's what you did).. just a real quick rinse when cleaning...
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    I do not use water at all. I use alcohol swabs from drug store. They sell them to sterilize the skin before a shot. Something like 2 dollars for 100 wrapped in foil. Just wipe the probe and let dry.
  5. I had the same issue this weekend.  I, too, have had mine for about 3 months and the BBQ probe started reading "LLL".  For me, I took a damp sponge made for pots and cleaned the probe (and for the first time, the wire) pretty good until it was shiny once again.  I then plugged it back in and put it back in the smoker and it worked well for the rest of the smoke.  I have never let me cable get wet, but think a wire might be kinked or something. 

    I am looking for a reasonably-priced backup probe.  Since both probes should read the same temperature, should I just get another meat probe and use it to read BBQ temp? 
  6. Haven't experienced any issues with my Maverick ET-732 yet (knock on wood) but just in case I purchased a second one as a backup.  Would hate to have a failure during a 20 + hour smoke or at a critical cooking temp stage without a backup available.

    Got both of mine at a very reasonable price from Todd Johnson of A-Maze-N products.  Todd's a member of the forum and a sponsor.  Look him up.
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    Could very well be your probe. The only problem I've had with my 732 was the original probe. The wire came out of the probe. It seemed to be a weakness of the 732, because my ET 73 is more than 3 years old & still has original probes.

    Note: the 732 and the 73 probes are not interchangeable.

    If you don't have an extra probe, and you want to check the probe, just switch them on the unit to see if you get the same results.

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    Mine is doing the same thing but that's my fault. I submersed it in water while doing sausage. DDOHHHH!!! Oh well live and learn.
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    Now I understand your recent new thread...

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