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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by fishinjoe, May 14, 2015.

  1. I am building a new smoker and was looking for some ideas on how you guys run your probe wires into your smokers? I have always just wrapped the wire in foil and closed it in the door but am looking for a better idea now.

  2. dr k

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    If it's steel you can drill a hole to run a probe through and use a refrigerator magnet to seal the hole on the outside if not used or to make a gasket.  I cut up magnets to seal the vent holes on the inside of my 600 sq. inch charcoal grill firebox and used a steel yardstick to cover the louvered opening on the inside of the lid. You can't tell there are any modifications other than I have control where I didn't before. 

  3. joe black

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    Get a 1/2" electric cable connector from Amazon and install it in a convenient location on your smoker. The probes will fit through it very nicely. There is a rubber grommet inside the connector that protects your probes and it also seals. No smoke leakage. It's made to screw into a threaded outlet, but if you drill about a 13/16" hole, it will slip right in and you can secure it with a conduit lock nut. Total cost, less than $10.
  4. drewed

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    I just run them through one of the vents

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