Prime Tri Tips, BBs, beef ribs, and pork tenderloin...

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    Well I was officially out of tri tip and got an email from my favorite butcher than Prime tri tip was on sale for 6.99 per pound. Around here you can barely find tri tip and it's usually 8.99 for choice. I had a $125 gift card for this butcher shop which I spent on an entire cryovaced pack of these tri tips. 17 pounds worth.

    My plan was to throw these on the PBC Friday afternoon so I can have dinner before the Rangers game 7 (loss...still depressed). Of course Friday at lunch time I hit up some food stores and found specials on beef ribs, baby backs, and I had some pork tenderloin defrosted. So here goes...

    Beef ribs, rubbed with mustard and then three different rubs. PBC beef and game, spicy coffee, and jeffs.

    Baby backs with a sweet and spicy dry rub that I make (stole and adapted it from an old

    Spogged up the tri tips with some Worcester a la Bear

    Got the bbs and beef ribs on around 4:15 with kbb and some apple chunks

    Then started prepping "boneless ribs" for the weber kettle (props to the member I stole this from on SMF). It's basically flattened dry rubbed pork tenderloin cut into baby back rib like pieces. Made these because I wasn't sure all the ribs would be done by dinner time and I had my brother in laws family coming over and his boys can eat like the best of them.

    Flattened them, cut slits in them, mustard and dry rubbed hem in the same run I used for the bbs.

    Hung the tri tips and threw the pork tenderloins indirect on the weber kettle

    When the tenderloins were at about 120 IT , I brushed them with sauce and I moved them right over the coals with the lid off to get a little sear on each side...

    Finished it and foil towel coolered it.

    Had the tri tips and boneless ribs for dinner...

    Wish I had more pics of the tri tip. It was insanely delicious the way the internal fat melted in your mouth. Prime beef is really incredible. Had good flavor from her rub and a nice smokiness. Between myself, my brother in law and my tree nephews, we had 4 lbs of the tri tip, and almost 3 pounds of the boneless ribs. Haha I told you they can eat.

    Now keep in mind the baby backs and the beef ribs weren't done in time as I expected. After about 3 hours in the PBC I foiled them
    With some liquid depending on how they were seasoned for about an hour then sauced for about 15 minutes. And here they are:

    Coffee rubbed sauced with an ancho coffee rub
    Jeffs rubbed with jeffs sauce
    PBC beef and game left naked
    Baby backs with sweet baby rays

    At the first intermission we ate about half he rack of baby backs and half the beef ribs. Quite a dessert haha.

    I am loving the pit barrel for ribs. Very simple and delicious but I still have that fear of the food falling in the coals. And the "boneless ribs" using pork tenderloin is a great recipe when you're in the mood for ribs but want something quicker and more healthful. Thanks to whoever posted that idea.

    Thanks for looking everyone!
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  2. robcava

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    Looks amazing! :drool

    That pit barrel looks like a cool set up. Can you post a pic of the pit?
  3. worktogthr

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    Thanks! Here's a couple of pics

  4. robcava

    robcava Meat Mopper

    Thanks. I wanted to see how you did the bars.i already have a few smokers, but now that I see how much stuff you can fit in a UDS if you hang the meat I am going to have to build one!
  5. b-one

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    Wow, that's a lot of great looking food! Amazing price for the Tri tips!! And :points1: for you!!! I passed on a PBC because I was afraid of falling food.
  6. worktogthr

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    No problem!! You really can fit a lot of meat when hanging. I have absolutely no skills when it comes to building anything so the Pit Barrel Cooker was the most affordable option for me to add a Uds to my collection of grills and smokers. Besides I love that it's made in America by a veteran!
  7. worktogthr

    worktogthr Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the points.... Falling food does scare me a bit so I usually sauce ribs and finish them
    On the grill or oven. However, I was cleaning up the PBC after this cook and thought about trying this next time:

    Just flipped the grate that comes with it upside down and pushed it down over the handle of the charcoal basket. This way if ribs fell they might get charred but at least won't fall into the dirty charcoal ash.
  8. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great idea!
  9. waterinholebrew

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    Looks real tasty, y'all are eatin good today !

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