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Discussion in 'Beef' started by xaugievike, Jun 29, 2013.

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    All - just looking for a little confirmation and/or guidance on my first brisket that I have planned for the 4th.

    I've got me a delicious looking 14 lb whole In general terms throw her in to  an internal temp of 170, at which point I will pull it, wrap it, and continue on up to 190 for slicing.  That's easy enough....

    here's the catch.

    this monster will not fit in my MES 30.

    So my current plan is to separate the point from the flat prior to throwing her into the cooker.  I will plan on proceding as mentioned above for the flat.  for the point I'd pull her out at 190 and cube her up add rub and sauce, and throw those chunks back in to hopefully come up with some delicious burnt ends.

    does that sound like an OK plan?  is there anything about separating the two chunks that will affect cooking?  would there be any advantage to having one piece placed in the rack above/below the other?

    One last question - timing.  I"m planning on a minimum 12 hours for this badboy at about 230-240 a couple extra for rest.  am i in the ballpark? (i know that briskets tell you when they're done, but i dont want to grossly underestimate this).

    Thanks all!
  2. hi. As you will read, yes you are in the ballpark. Biggest help I can gives forget the time, focus on the temperature internal. I cook mine slow, 205 to 210, and I will get crap for this, betide not pull it until it reaches 190 to 195. The I double foil it, wrap her in a blanket or towel and then into the ice chest to continue to render the fat. That's a minimum of 45 minutes. But I can tell youth anti have done that at 8 am and not pulled it out of the cooler until 4 pm! And it is still steaming! Hard to slice at that point because it falls apart, so you let it cool then slice. The whole thing is up to you, but watch the internal temperature. Have fun and good smoking, and oh by the way, I spray mine with apple juice every hour or so....


  3. Hello.  The best advice is to leave home immediately and go buy yourself a bigger smoker!  You can tell the wife it is a necessity for bigger briskets.  [​IMG]  Seriously now.  I would run your temp closer to 300.  And yes that's a good ballpark time.  No problems with separating the two.  Good luck and have fun.  Keep Smokin!

  4. I agree! Bigger smoker...

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