Preseason cast iron grates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pigbutt, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. pigbutt

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    Howdy ,

      I have cast iron grates on order that I may use on occasion in a Weber Performer grill....I want to preseason them before first actual  use...I use cast iron skillets a lot in the kitchen ,and I read once to reapply seasoning to them , that a good plan is to rub them with crisco vegetable shortening and put them over charcoal at high , to be honest , I have not tried that plan  , I thought I would put it up in here to see if anyone has a good way to break them in prior to an actual burn.

    Many thanks,...[​IMG]  

    Actually , my grates are up top in the banner on this here page....the Mangrates....
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  2. raastros2

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    iv always heated them up slowly but try the charcoal method my man
  3. pigbutt

    pigbutt Newbie

    I see you are restoring an Oaky Joe grill maybe ?...I wonder if we have the same animal ?
  4. jimpam

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    When I did mine someone told me to get a few lbs of bacon and cover them, and then light it up. I have an okie Joe and it worked fantastic, and yes I ate all the bacon
  5. pigbutt

    pigbutt Newbie

    Hmmm....sounds like a good idea...bacon grease is sumthin I have plenty of....[​IMG]
  6. raastros2

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    yessir iam! i will take some more pics asap
  7. venture

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    I just used plain old lard.  Melted it down and applied it generously.

    Did this again a few times.

    Once it gets cooked on, the grates pretty much take care of themselves from the smokes.

    On a grill?  Hi temps?  May take a few more shots.

    But not really.  Just scratch them down with a wire painter's brush between cooks and use them. No water or anything like that.  Clean and sterilize with the brush and heat.

    Cook lots of wonderfully greasy food on them?

    Some like to oil the meat before they put it on, but usually, if you let the meat cook it will lift off?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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