Pre smoke boil for summer sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lu1847, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Hey all, I'm making a batch of veni SS today. A friend of mine stopped by and told me when his old made did theirs they boiled it first to 150 ish then smoked it. Was just wondering If anyone had done that before. If its already a thread I apologize, I couldn't find it anywhere.
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    You will probably get better smoke penetration if you smoke first, then poach in about 160deg (not boiling) water until sticks reach 155deg.

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    Well, IMO, I think you are going to get a better color and flavor if you smoke first and then poach bath.

    Are you using cure in your recipe?
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    Yes I am using cure. Just used generic backwoods this time. Ground, season,cured and stuffed yesterday. I had planned on poaching after 4 hrs between 120 and 140 or so In the smoker. I was just wondering If anyone had done the opposite way.
  5. I certainly wouldn't boil it first.
    There's no good reason to do it that way, but plenty of reasons why it shouldn't be done.

  6. lu1847

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    Well it sounds like that's not a good approach. A friend of mine who does a lot of smoking just mentioned that that's how they used to do it on the farm. I was just curious. When I said boiled he may have meant that they poached it first to 150 ish. Either way it does not sound like the right approach.
  7. You want your casings dry when you smoke em. Even after stuffing, I hang til dry. Sometimes overnight.

    A wet casing won't accept the smoke like a dry one. A wet casing will come out strange looking.

    IMHO, smoke first then poach.
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