PORK SPARE RIBS $1.88 a LB!!!!!

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  1. Dont know how many of you this will help but Kroger in Roanoke.VA has Pork Spare Ribs for $1.88lb.[​IMG]YEEHAW!!! My prayers have been answered.Stocked up my freezer.
  2. smokerjim

    smokerjim Meat Mopper

    great price ! if prices keep going up maybe i'll have to take a road trip to fill my freezer!!!!!
  3. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Good deal......BTW I saw Cash & Carry restaurant supply had boneless butts for 1.89 a pound.....great for sausage makin'.....Willie
  4. marshalbill

    marshalbill Newbie

    Cheap meat is often not worth it.  I would never make sausage unless I had a chance to blanch the whole cut before I ground it.  And would NEVER make sausage from hamburger or porkburger which I did not see ground in front of my own eyes.  Chickens for instance, cheap chickens are often slit open by machine, which opens the guts and contaminates the meat.  Virtually all cheap meat is that way.  Any idea of the market chain your dollar eighty nine ribs followed to get to you?  Any way to find out?   All advisory boards tell people that, but they cannot compete against a full page advertisment for meat which, when bought, might save you the price of the beer you drink while cooking it.   Also, factory raised pigs who never see the sun and form an enviro nightmare with their foulness are increasingly a problem.  I urge as many people on this forum to support smaller, local (preferably mom and pop) farms if they can, even if the cost per unit is higher.  Nothing replaces the best....no matter how cheap.  Smoking only makes it taste good, it doesn't make it better.  Cheap, as in less desireable cuts like heart or trotters are understandable.  As soon as I see a pork butt go on sale at half price, my first question should be "why", not "I wonder how many they got". 

           .  (some prefer freezer orders because it would be worth the drive to find out where your steer, hogs, or horsemeat  came from. If the supply chain turns cagy on you (when you KNOW they should be open and honest), you may wonder if your are getting some of that tasty horsemeat blend burgers they were selling that came out of Belgium.  Speaking of which, do you have ANY idea where these pork ribs originated?  A lot of specialty cuts come from overseas.  Yum, melamine!  A  lot of beef jerky comes from China for instance, and virtually all shrimp and  seafood jerky.  Does not seem right somehow. Yum, potassium sorbate and red dye number two.) 

    Marshal Bill
  5. mtm29575

    mtm29575 Smoke Blower

    Lots of good sales in my area this week also. I went yesterday and stocked up on various meats, some I will used this weekend, the rest in the freezer for later.

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