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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jzampier, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. jzampier

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    Received my Mav ET732 a couple weeks ago and finally got to use it last night.  Got some friends coming into town and decided at the last second to do a shoulder over night. 

    Tried smoking with Oak and Bourbon barrel but it wasn't putting out smoke like I wanted it to so I nixed that and through the tried and true pitmaster blend in the AMNPS.  I think I had my MES bbq temp set a little high as I was reading about 250* on bbq temp the two times I checked it.  I know I had a 15* difference with my MES and actual so I accounted for that and kinda misjudged.  Woke up to a 8.6lb shoulder sitting at 181* IT after 8hours.  I assumed it would be alot longer to get to that temp.  So I adjusted the temp down a little to get the bbq temp to 235*.

    I decided to smoke this one in a pan to catch all the drippings.  I am thinking I will remove and foil for the last few hours or so.  I will also put all the drippings in the fridge for later to add back in after removing the fat. 

    I did the mustard and applewood dry rub, also added in some Mrs Dash Carribean seasoning to the mix.  Didn't have any paparika which I wanted to try.  I'm hoping this thing stalls for a bit as fam won't be in till about noon and this shoulder is supposed to be for DINNER :)

    I'll add pics later.  Oh and BTW, the Maverick ET732 is a MUST have for over nighters.  Set my alarms and slept like a baby not having to worry about the temps.
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  2. jzampier

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    Q view:


    This is after 13 hrs, smoked in the pan with Pitmaster.  Just threw some peach in the AMNPS to finish her off.  She plateued at 183* for a few hours.  After 6 hours she's up to 187* and looking good.  Should I foil after 190* for the rest of the time frame?
  3. jrod62

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    Looks great. If your not push for time i would finish without foil.
    You will get a better bark on it.
  4. jzampier

    jzampier Smoke Blower

    Not really pushed for time at this point.  Its for dinner.  I bumped the temp up a couple degree's and the IT went up a couple degree's and is holding at 189*.  I know to leave it but just don't want it taking 24 hours. 

    What about the aus jus?  Should I remove it from the pan and just rack it or leave it till done, then chill it quickly and get the fat out?
  5. jrod62

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    At 189 it wont take to long to get to 200+, (i hope)
    You can take it out of the pan. That way the bottom
    of the butt starts to get some bark to it.
    Then when it hit 205 wrap in foil . Pour little of the juice
    In with it . And let it rest for few hours.
    (The juice makes great gravy)
  6. jzampier

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    I took it out at 195* and put it directly on the rack, reprobed it and now the Mav is reading 172* and SLOWLY climbing up. 

    I did however whip up some finishing sauce and am patiently waiting 205*...............................done yet? lol
  7. chef jimmyj

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    There is no need to Chill the Drippings to de-fat...Use this old Chef trick...Skim as much as you can then using Strips of Paper Towel, quickly drag the Paper across the surface of the Jus It will pick up the Fat but leave the Liquid Gold behind...JJ
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