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Discussion in 'Pork' started by iowabrad, Jun 26, 2016.

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    I'm trying out pork ribs on my new smoker(used but new to me). I'm also newer to smoking meat so this is a huge tester for me. I started off last night trimming and removing the membrain, than I rubed some spicy brown mustard on the ribs. I made 2 different homemade rubs and applied one to each rack. Placed them in a vacuumed sealed bag overnight. This morning I fired up the smoker and got it up to 225 or somewhere around when the white smoke cleared and was just puffing light blue smoke. Pulled the ribs out and applied another small coat of rub to each again while I waited for them to get to room temp. Placed them on the smoker around noon. I'll update this thread once I hit hour 3.
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    3 hr mark, I wrapped the ribs in foil. I used JJ's foil sauce. Left them in there for about 2hrs. My temp was up to 250 so I just left it there. Once the 2 hour mark hit I took them back out of the foil and put back on the smoker for the final hour. I kept the juices in a small soup pan. I did notice that when I was transferring them back into the smoker I had almost 90degree bend to them so I figured just leave them in and shut the smoker heat source off. After about 45mins on I took them off and brough them inside to rest, while resting I poured the juices from eairler over them.
    I half to say these were the best damn ribs I've ever had, my friends who came over for dinner had told me they also have never had ribs that good ever. They weren't competition style because meat was starting to fall off the bone but God damn they're were amazing! If I could figure out how to put pictures on here I would. Thank you to everyone on here, without being a member to this site I'd have never found out all the best kept secretes!
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    Looks like a good start

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    The ribs look fantastic!

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    Awesome job and great call shutting down the smoker and letting them ride

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