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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tgil, Oct 9, 2011.

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      I'm here looking for info on doing a loin.  I have enjoyed doing babybacks to the point my family is tired of eating them.  I thought I'd get a loin and try it.  My thinking was I wouldn't be paying for bone that I'm throwing out.  I was hoping to cook the same way as the BBs but I see that's not the preferred way to cook them?  No one puts sauce on them?
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      Thanks Al!  Already have a fatty ready to go so I guess I'll just let her go to about 145 remove and rest in foil and cook the fatty as I normally would.
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    So I'm back here searching again for the same thing and came across my earlier search. Last night I tried to use the gas grill to achieve what I'm looking for and failed again. Someone must have a secret way to cook (at this point I don't care if it's smoked, grilled or baked) a porkloin that is cut it with a fork tender. I seem to have an endless supply of wild pork so I'll keep trying until I get it right!:drool
  5. Pork loins are fairly lean and can dry out during smoking. Al's suggestion is a very good one. I usually cook loins at higher temp for shorter time.
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    Are you sure your therm is correct. It sounds to me like you are over cooking them. If we don't stuff them then we pull them off at 140 & let them rest for 15-20 minutes. The carryover will bring the IT up to 145. At that temp they are very juicy & tender. Also wrapping them in bacon will keep them juicy as well.
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       That's probably where I messed up last night, over cooking.  It reached IT in little time, I don't remember how little exactly but I was surprised it was already there, I wrapped it and juiced it thinking the "steaming effect" would make it more tender.  I used to be a lot better at this stuff before I started doing so much reading and getting all learned up on it! [​IMG]
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    I'd say you overcooked them. No more than 140º internal, then wrap. Try marinading in Mojo Crillio for a bit before smoking.

    Tenderloins, just marinate and then throw on a hot grill.
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       I'll give this a shot next.  I didn't marinate this last one, but think I did the one before it.
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    You really have to watch the temps on those because they will go fast on you

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