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Discussion in 'Pork' started by inkjunkie, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. inkjunkie

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    Cup up a couple of butts earlier. Most of it will be used for Pulled Pork. Some of it will eventually be ground. The stuff that I vacuum packed I removed the fat cap from it. Can the fat cap be used for anything?
  2. Mt fat caps are never big, just go in with the pulled pork

  3. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    I left it on the hunk that we will be using for pulled pork. The fat cap came off of the stuff I put aside for grinding or?
  4. I usually chop up the fat cap and grind along with the rest for sausage. It's great fat for it!
  5. gravey

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    You could try your hand at marking lardon! Check out Ruhlman's book, Charcuterie. Good stuff!
  6. One thing is if you removed it first freeze it and save it till you make sausage and need some fat. When I used to make deer sausage I would always add some pork and pork fat,

  7. x2 on cubing up with meat for sausage
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  8. bmaddox

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    You could render it down into lard.
  9. foamheart

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    I leave the fat cap on my butts. This when the pork is done, is the ambrosia of the Gods and its for me while pulling. Touch it you die!! Rub that butt really well, smoke fat side up (if electric), low and slow and its the most amazing thing you ever tasted.

    Yes sir, its great for sausage but I can't remember the last time I needed pork fat. 'Course now that I said that..... well I have bunches in the freezer. My Pop says that if the meat doesn't have enough fat, you ain't using the right meat or you should be cooking it another way. Makes sense to me.

    I have also seen folks that will score or criss cross that layer of fat before smoking.
  10. reinhard

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    Most pork butt's now-aday's don't come with much of a fat cap.  When I make sausage with butt's Everything goes in the mix.  When I make a butt in the smoker for one reason or another [pulled pork, roast, ect], I leave the cap on.. Only time I take the cap off a butt is when I make buckboard bacon [not all but most].  The cap fat from that goes into future sausage.  Reinhard
  11. I'm with Foam, I have to pull a little fat in when I'm pulling  Mmmmm   

  12. worktogthr

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    I also agree, the crispified fatty pieces of bark covered goodness are the whole reason I make pulled pork. Leave the fat on there!

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