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Discussion in 'Pork' started by chiwa, Jun 9, 2010.

  1.  I just picked up a box of back rib portions. They appear to be 2-3 rib pieces of back ribs. I thought I would try a 2-1-1 smoke @ 225 on them this weekend.  I am afraid the small sections might dry out if I go longer. On the plus side, they have more surface area for rub to stick, and only cost $1.29 a pound. Any thoughts?
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    Never heard of them, can you post a picture?
  3. They are just back ribs that have been cut into 2-3 ribs sections already.  They are still defrosting, so no pics yet.
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    i was going to buy a box of them and they were out. i got a 'rain check' and will get some next week. i have heard that they are good but never seen them in person. take some Qview and post pics please.
  5. I just got them defrosted enough to pull them apart.  A lot of them are single ribs off the small end of the racks.  Small bone, and lots of meat. These were from Farmland, and every piece of pork I have had with their name on it was excellent.

    Will smoke tomorrow or the next day, and have camera ready.
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    These are actually individual beef ribs but figure you could do the pork back ones this way too. I marinade with Mojo Crillio and pour alittle into the pan along with the ribs. As they cook you rotate them and spoon more Mojo over the ribs. You can cover them with foil also, if you wish.
  7.   Thanks Flash, I think I will do them right on the racks to absorb smoke, and then in the foil pan to braise, till the meat is almost ready to fall off the bone, and then back on the rack to firm up a little. 

      I am pretty well hooked on Tip's Smoke in the Holler rub


      I will spritz with 50/50 apple cider/bourbon during the smoke phase, and pour a little in the braising pan.

      I think a full 2-2-1 that is often used for full racks of back ribs maybe too much for these small pieces.

      More input is appreciated.
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    I agree that 2-2-1 may be too much. I take it that these are the ribs at the small end of the rack.
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  10. Here are 3 1/2 pounds of them in a quick brine of just salt and sugar.

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  11. Rubbed with Smoke in the Holler


    A few ABT's and stuffed mushrooms waiting for bacon


    Time to start a fire.
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  12. ABT"s and mushrooms ready to go


    Smoker loaded


    Threw a chunk of Jimmy Dean Hot in for tomorrows breakfast too.
  13. Sausage is done


    Ribs foiled, and appetizers need a little more time for bacon to render

  14. Appetizers done, I know a couple are missing.


    Threw some buttered corn in

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  15. Finished product


  16.   Damn, this was some good hog meat, and I have enough left to do this two more times.
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    Looking good from here, Chiwa!How did the corn turn out for ya? My experience in the smoker is that it takes longer than you think. Can't wait until we can try it here - nothing better than fresh corn on the cobb and ribs!
  18. red

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    This looks great!
  19. states4

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    I am so hungry now. It is funny i used to hate meat on the bone. I could never stand ribs untill i met my Hubby and i was pregnant with my son. Now bring on the ribs!!!!
  20. eman

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    Have seen that cut sold down here as pork rib tips. great looking smoke !

     Ican't eat the abts anymore but the shrooms look like something i will try on my next smoke.[​IMG]

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