Planning a Brisket Smoke Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Beef' started by xxsmokin foolxx, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Ok folks, I went a lil crazy at Sam's Club today and got 3 racks of baby backs, a 6.5 lb brisket and a whole chicken.  Did the chicken earlier and came out pretty good.  I have only ever smoked 1 brisket about a year ago in my old rig.  Since then I have gotten a new one and not too sure about the cooking time since it likes to run a little cold.  Anyhow, here's a look at my first ever brisket:

    As you can see I got a decent ring on it, but it wasnt as tender as I would have liked.  Any info, tips, etc would be extremely helpful.  Thank you
  2. Looks good.  What internal temp did you remove it from the cooker?  Did you foil it?
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  3. This was a cook done a year ago.  I dont usually foil or temp it.  Over the course of my culinary career I have become pretty gifted at being able to tell when meat is done.  I didnt want to change my technique so again, I just winged it.  That was my very first time smoking brisket and it came out just a little dry.  
  4. As far as int temp, I never have done that throughout my culinary career, I pride myself in being able to know when meats are done.  This was a first brisket and unfortunately, while it was cooked, it was just a little dry.  I never foil when I am smoking, just a preference thing I guess
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    SF, get a good Thermometer Dude, saves a lot of heartache and with the dual probe models , you can track IMT and GLT together for proper cooking.

    I too can "judge" meat's doneness by touch,look ,feel,smell , ect.; but when you feed ( 'anyone else' ) other than yourself , you should stick to the rules...having said that , as for me , I'll eat 3day old Wolfbrand Chili ... [​IMG].
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    If you knew the IT you may have been able to pull it off earlier and had juicy brisket.


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