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  1. Would people mind putting some pics here of where/how to insert probe thermometers in the typical pieces of meat, turkey, chicken, ribs, roasts, etc.?  I've seen some in individual threads, and searched but I don't really see a concise location of pics?  It is important to put it in the right places, depth, etc.  So I think it would be good for us newbies to have a one spot reference for it.  I've used what people described that they did, but a picture is worth a thousand words, well, a million words:)  If this is already on here somewhere, just please link.
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    Generally in the thickest part and in the center.... Missing the bone is a good idea too.... Since it is the tip of the therm that records the temp for display, it is a little difficult to show a picture.... To get to the thickest part of the center, the therm can enter the chunk of meat pretty much from any angle... Dave
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    What Dave said, it doesn't matter where you put it in, the tip of the probe needs to be right in the middle of the meat,and for chicken or turkey I like to put one in the thickest part of the breast and one in the thigh where the thigh & breast come together. If you buy a roaster chicken or some turkeys they will have a pop up in them in the thick part of the breast. Generally its the plump part towards the top, about where your chest would be.

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