Pecan Pellets?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by pgde, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Does anybody know if there are 100% Pecan pellets in 20+ lb bags? I have found pecan in the GMG Fruitwood Blend but that is the only one. Have I overlooked something?

    Thanks for the help!

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  2. link

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    Amazon lists multiple different bands and sizes that say 100%.

    I have not tried them though.

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    Todd has pecan pellets. Always good to support the sponsors. Look at Todd's customer service is second to none.

    Oh yeah he has a sale going right now, 20% off and free shipping on orders over $49. The code can be found here on his advertisement banners.
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    Lumberjack pellets has a 100% pecan pellet as well.  
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    I agree with this 100%... why would you even consider looking else where... Todd supports this site... has free give aways often... pretty much always has a sale going on for members of this forums... and as stated.. customer service is undoubtedly second to none... He also has a wide variety of pellets to chose from.. many of which can't be found in other places....
  6. Thanks so much for the information! I must have made a typo in my searches :)


  7. link

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    I guess I should have stated that was why I had not tried them. I also get all of my supplies from Todd and you cannot compare his service to anyone. He is the best.

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    I wished I could see his banner on my phone
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    If you use the "mobile" setting you should see it,l. It pops up on mine and I can see it right now.
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    Ok thanks
  12. Lumberjack are 100% hardwood but 40%pecan.

    I use Todd's products when I can but for cooking pellets I use Lumberjack. I buy 1/2 ton at a time in 40lb bags and only pay 14.00 per bag vs 39.95 for a 20 lb bag.

    I've used 100% pecan and I've used

    40% pecan/60% oak and could not tell any difference between the two.

    But if your buying smaller quantities by all means purchase from Todd.
  13. muralboy

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    They actually have both a 40%-60% blend and a 100% Pecan.  The 100% pecan is one of their "special varieties.  Not sure about the 1/2 ton pricing but the 100% is $49 per 40# bag. The 40-60 blend goes for $295 per 1/2 ton.
  14. muralboy

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    but to qualify - that does not include shipping
  15. 25- 40 lb bags to a 1/2 ton@$295 = $11.80 per 40 lb bag add $75.00 shipping that is $3.00 per bag for a total of $14.80 per 40lb bag.
  16. muralboy

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    Not disputing the math. Just sharing info.
  17. If you buy 1 ton of the 100% pecan it cost $13.82 per 40lb bag plus the shipping and the 40/60 blend is $9.20 per 40lb bag plus shipping.

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