Pastrami again

Discussion in 'Beef' started by graywolf1936, Dec 20, 2014.

  1.  Doing three more Pastrami on this cold(50 degrees) and damp day.  two will get frozen and taken back to Ct. with my son and family who are here for Christmas. One will, in part, be used for deep fried pickles, wrapped in Pastrami. My Grandson who is a Chef serves these where he is head Chef in Tucson.  If you notice I have held back on some of the seasoning.

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  2. Looks good so far.


    Happy smoken.

  3. red dog

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    Looking good Joe! Love me some pastrami.
  4. tropics

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    Joe I want the skinny on doing the Deep Fried Pickles if its not a guarded secret and you wouldn't mind sharing Thanks Merry X-Mas
  5. Tropics. My grandson will be here on Tuesday I am sure he will post receipe and photos.
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    Nice want a few shots of that Pastrami when you cut it. Thanks
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    Love pastrami. What temp do you smoke them at, and what IT do you aim for? Wanting to try this soon.
  8. I start at 225 on my Trager pellet smoker, At about 140 iT I wrap and turn up temperature to 250 until I get IT 185. Prior to serving i steam for one hour or so if its a whole piece or if I pre slice it then I steam it until I feel it's ready to eat.
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    Looks really good ! [​IMG]
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    Thanks. Looking forward to trying this soon.

  11. This is grey wolfs grandson I am a chef in Tucson Arizona. I am  always trying to come up with new interesting ideas in the culinary world. in my restaurant we sell these like pancakes at IHOP. first I start with a dill pickle spear pat it down to get the juices on the outer part of the pickle dry then I cover the pickle in a garlic cream cheese. then wrap in thin sliced pastrami. let sit for two hours in fridge allow the cream cheese to set into the pickle. then roll around in seasoned flour then dip into buttermilk then back into the flour deep fry until golden brown. these are a great holiday appetizer. Merry xmas everyone . if your ever in Tucson Arizona my restaurant is called Throwbacks sports bar and grill
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    Thank You I have this page book marked Merry X-Mas
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    Everything looks great!!  Thanks for the fried pickle recipe.  I think they sell one at the State Fair here but never had one.  Reinhard
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    Wow, a great smoker and a grandson who is a chef! Way cool. Great pastrami and thanks for the pickle info. 

    It is great your family is getting together at Christmas.



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