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  1. I did the e-course awhile back, and have been reading Jeff's monthly emails. They're good stuff. Hadnt really checked the boards out, but wow is there a lot of stuff out here. Just start smoking meat about a year ago, and really enjoy it. The first couple racks of ribs and shoulders I did werent the best, bet now I have to admit, they are pretty darn good. Its really interesting to read the SMF because everybody has opinions on how to cook stuff. It gives me some cool ideas. And Fatty's? I had never in my life heard of a fatty which is pretty amazing considering sausage and bacon are maybe my two favorite foods. I'll definitly be giving those a shot soon. I do have one questions about tools. I was watching this chili and BBQ contest from Vegas the other night on the food channel, and this lady had a tool she used to pull her pork. It looked like a claw she put on each hand with those was able to easlily tear apart the shoulder she had just cooked. Anybody know where I could pick a set of these up? Thanks again for the help and all the awesome knowledge.


    p.s. I will post pics (qview) of my next meal. I'm using the chargriller with the offset box now.
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    Jeff welcome to SMF glad ya joined us. You will find lots of good info and some outstanding recipes here. I think what you are talking about are bear claws and many of our members have them some from ebay and some from other places. I'm sure they will post where they got them. Have fun and happy smoking
  3. this place makes me hungry just loggin on.everything i have tried i look here first and it has turned out awesome.
  4. cowgirl

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    Welcome Jeff![​IMG]
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    Great place to hang your hat. Welcome!
  6. brandsbay

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    Welcome to SMF jeff,I got my bear paws from ebay.Look forward to your fist Qview,with the bear paws.
  7. smok'n steve

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  8. Cool, thanks for the link. Just picked up a pair. Are there any other cool utensils that I need other than the basics (thongs, spatula, etc..) Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'm still fascinated by these fatties. I must try some this weekend.

    Another question for you guys. Since i've started smoking my own meat and realize just how good you can make it, I'm less and less impressed by what most of the BBQ joints around here (little rock area) pass off as Q. I would say more than 50% and probably more like 60 or 70% of local BBQ places arent serving very good stuff. Do you guys find that to be true in your area?
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    Welcome Jeff.
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    welcome to smf!!! ck out the ecourse and post sme qview!!!
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    Welcome to SMF.
  12. smok'n steve

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    Yup, What I find here in Maine is liquid smoke and bbq sauce is what they feed us here, smoke rings are like a miracle at a restaurant,.......... but in my backyard,............ thats a different story:)
  13. Nice, thats the one thing I have struggled with is getting a tender brisket like that. Excellent smoke ring as well. Whats your secret?
  14. smok'n steve

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    no real secret, just patience. That brisket(3pounds) was cooked on the Twiggy model, like Smok'n Dick has.

    Once it had enough smoke and was at 160 degrees internal, I foiled it and brought her up to 200 internal, then let it rest. I have to confess that after foiling it was getting late, so I popped it in a 200 degree oven since smoke cannot go through tinfoil anyway:)
  15. Careful with the "thongs"! you can burn your Boston![​IMG]

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