Ole Hickory Pit SSE for sale

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  1. Guys,

    I wound up with this Ole Hickory Pit SSE from my buddy. Now I don't know whether to sell it or open a restaurant. I think I will sell it. call me if you know someone. I have pics. 22k new, it is 6 mo old, I am asking 10,500.

  2. beer-b-q

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  3. alright, alright already! :)

  4. here is a smaller version with briskets. you can make some dough with this one - mine is about twice this size.



  5. crazyche

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    Well I don't know how somebody just end up with a pit like that but.. I'm getting a BBQ restaurant together and need one. I learned and worked on that same model in Texas. So the real question is do you still have it? Thank you Che.
  6. mballi3011

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    Thats a heck of a smoker and I really don't think I could get that one on my back porch. But how much meat does that thing hold??
  7. Mr. Balli,

    Here is what they say on their site for the SSE. FYI - it is convection as well.

    ● Revolving Racks: (15) 12"x 60"
    ●Cooking Surface: 75 Sq. Ft.

    ● Cooking Capacity:
    Ribs (3 & Down) - 90
    Baby Back Ribs - 120
    Boston Butt - 80
    Turkey - 50
    Chicken (Whole) - 90;(Half) - 210
    Brisket (12 lb.) - 50
  8. cheapchalee

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    Dag gum that's a huge smoker, I don't think I could fill that one up, not enought money.

  9. bighoss

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    is it still for sale? thanks
  10. Hoss,

    yes, it is.
  11. pm bbq

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    If you know, can you tell me where or how "hard" this was used? It looks good, so just curious. Do you still have it? Thanks. Paul.
  12. Paul,

    Yes, I have it - kind of thinking of opening a restaurant for a person who's always wanted to own their own business. I will get it up and running and hand it off.

    We own commercial real estate and own several successful businesses. That is always an option.

    I don't believe it to be used hard - looks like new - but very dirty - and what isn't in BBQ?

    Come see it and if you like it, you got it. If not, I am looking for that person who hasn't had the capital to pull the trigger.
  13. SOLD. thanks guys. I really wanted to open a BBQ joint, but I decided now is not the time.

    however, I just watched an episode of BBQ Paradise on the TV. hmmmmmmm.
  14. raceyb

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    Glad you sold it. Maybe a donation to jeff for the exposure to so many BBQ enthusiasts in his classified ads? [​IMG]
  15. that is a great idea. sold off CL though.
  16. raceyb

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    LOL, I tried....

    Love the pic of the two smoking trailers...
  17. jmeadewp

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    if you still have this pit can you please email me some pictures of inside and out inluding

    manufacture tag.  Thanks i have a bbq restaurant and am considering opening a second one. 

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Meade
  18. jmeadewp

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  19. Do you still have the smoker for sale and if so could you please send me pics. Also, where is the unit located?

    Savory Flavors BBQ


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