Old vertical stick/coal burner to electric modification

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    I've made a few references to my "new" electric smoker, and a few folks have asked for pics, etc... Well, it's not quite ready to go on parade, but I thought I'd show a few work in progress teaser pics.

    The smoke chamber is made out of an old telecom cabinet that it 1/8" stainless steel. The dimensions are, 6 feet tall, 26" wide, and 28" deep.

    I added 2" of insulation to the 3 static walls, 1" of insulation to the door, and 2" of insulation to the top. The insulation was covered with non galvanized sheet metal. The insulation I used was ceramic wool, good to 2300 degrees.

    Within the smoke chamber, there are 5 shelves, racks, grates, whatever you want to call them. They are made from 3/4 x 3/4 tubing, and covered with #9 flattened expanded metal.

    That's all I have to say about the guts of the critter for now.

    The out side of the smoker body has always looked like this.

    Since converting it over to an electric, I wanted to make it look good! So, I started with the prep area cover and the side....

    Now for the teaser shot.... I have a piece of cedar, with live edges, that will be incorporated into the work surface soon..... It's 18" wide to the flat I'll cut, and will be the forward most portion of my "table"...

    I have an Auber controller for the heating element, and have 2 additional PIDs for other uses. Those will be incorporated soon, in a main control panel.

    More pics in the next week or so....
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  2.  That's looking great. I will be waiting to see the finished product.


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