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  1. brodziak

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    Sheep and wool industry until 26 years ago when I took up custom knife making for a hoby. have been full time knifemaking for 24 years and still love it. Need to find more time to get stuck into some serious smoking, love reading the ideas and recipies on the forums.
  2. Nice when you can turn a hobby into a business, and a fun business

  3. brodziak

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    Thanks Gary, you could say that I haven't worked for the past 24 years, it's still a pleasure to go to the workshop each mornig.


  4. That's a good thing.

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    Its a nice looking blade. I bought my Pop and BiL a nice custom hunting sheath knife a few years back and very impressed. Guy was from Al. and he made his own blade/metal. He didn't just sharpen a blank and put a handle on it (which is what you normally see around here).

    Again Thats a fine looking blade. There is another bladesmith here, maybe he'll drop by and see the thread.

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