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  1. I am brand new to smoking so will be jumping in head first!

    Stuck on what to get and maybe I can get some feedback....I am looking at purchasing either the Bradley Digital 4 rack ($271 no/tax) / six rack ($370 no tax) or a 40" electric masterbuilt w/Bluetooth from Sam's ($329 ($352 including tax).

    Probably will purchase an AMNPS to use with either as I would like not to have to attend to the smoker at all times...hence the Bradley w/use of the biscuits.  Lookin' for set it and forget it best I can for a newbie!

    Of course money is an object...but if I am going to purchase something I want quality and these two seem to have it...although my thoughts on the biscuits and price have me torn if I decided to use the biscuits.

    I would appreciate any advise as what members think of the two brands above as I know many have the MES already.  With the prices of the smokers I listed in account I am hoping someone can sway me on my purchase!  Also if I went Bradley is it worth an additional $100 to go with six racks?

    With all that said I plan to start with jerky, wild game, chicken, pork, ribs and then who knows if I get good at!

    Thanks for this forum and your feedback!
  2. I am not familiar with the Bradly first hand so I cannot comment except the pucks might be handy but I believe they are a proprietary item.

    with the MES 40 I have one and I Love everything about it (as Many Do) but you can get two extra racks for it for around 30 dollars and you now have six racks should you want them.

    I use the RFI internal probe to monitor the internal temp of the smoker and adjust temps as needed. It sure has cut down all those late night jaunts out to the smoker and let all the other probes monitor what is on the racks. with the great insulation I can cold , warm or hot smoke with one unit. my other smokers just sit idle most of the time anymore. . Just my thoughts on the subject.

    Keep On Smokin,

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    My MES 40 is arriving today, so I cannot weigh in on performance yet. However check out the Masterbuilt cold smoker/extended smoke add on for it ().
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    You really can't go wrong with either unit. Both have their own pluses and minuses. The bradley is expensive to operate (buying the disks) but is a true set and forget smoker. The MES has to be monitored as the temps are not that accurate and even with an AMNPS you still have to watch to make sure it is smoking correctly.

    The deciding factor for me would be getting the largest smoker I could afford. You can work through the issues with either unit but you can't make it bigger. 
  5. [​IMG]  Great information.

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