Newbie with some brisket questions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by magnumsmoke, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Hello all, I'm wanting to smoke some brisket for New Years Eve and , as the title suggests, I'm a newbie at smoking.

    The briskest I was wanting to use is one of the pre trimmed 4lb " corned" styles from my local Krogers grocery store. Due to the size, I was considering doing 2 of these as I'm gonna be with friends. After doing some reading of earlier posts, I think I have a plan of attack, but if I do 2 briskets - say 4lb apiece, do I consider it as an 8pounder and figure 8+ hours of cooking time or do I figure them as 2 separate 4 pounders and look at somewhere around 4 hours of cook time. Thanks in advance and any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Jayson

    This is a great site and I wish I would've found it sooner
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    Welcome to the forum.  When I do brisket I plan on 1 hour per pound plus 2 hours at 235.  I always foil my briskets at 165 internal temp and pull at 195-197 and place in an ice chest for at least an hour (important).  You can smoke two 4 pound briskets as though they were a single 4 pounder.  I am not sure what a "corned style" brisket is as I usually do a full packer.  Good luck with your smoke.

  3. Man am I way late to the game, but the answer is no  you have or had 2 four pounders so you estimate your time for 4 lbs.

    And if that are corned and you smoke them you will have pastrami 


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