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Discussion in 'Pork' started by heartlandnewbie, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all, I am planning on smoking my first ever butt next Sunday. So far I've done a small brisket (b- IMO) and a slab of spare ribs (d IMO) on my el cheapo offset smoker. I spent a couple of hours yesterday researching on here and various other places on how to do this. So far I've come up with this information:

    1) Boston butts are amazingly forgiving...which in my case is very important.
    2) It takes approximately 90-120 mins per lb to cook.
    3) You need to get it to 140 in 4 hours
    4) for pulled you need to get it to 205.
    5) don't inject

    I have just a few questions:
    1) I've heard that the meat stops taking the smoke after a certain for an approximate 8lb butt @ 1.5hr per lb would take approximate 12hrs plus 1hr for resting...could I take it off at the 6hr mark and stick in the oven for the remainder? What temp?
    2) I purchased a wireless thermometer from wally world, when should I insert this into the butt? Where would be the best location on the meat for it to be?
    3) if I plan on eating about 6:30-7, would starting @ 4am be a safe bet ?
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    you could be looking at about 8 or 10 hours. plan for more in case of the dreaded stall happens. I put the thermometer in after 4 hours or so. the meat will take smoke throughout the entire cook if you choose not to foil. If you are going to foil you can finish in the oven. remember not to jack the temperature up if you get a stall and keep the temps even. most important is the rest at 205 wrapped in foil with a towel wrap in a dry cooler for at least an hour. so plan for plenty of extra time. It will stay hot in that cooler for a long long time if you finish it early. welcome and happy smoking. I reread your post and now see it is an 8 pounder. you might be looking at 12 to 14 hours there and you foil at 165 if you choose to. seems a lot of folks are not foiling anymore on here. I am trying one today without foil.
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  3. timberjet

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    oh and apple cider in with the foil tends to help make that sucker as tender and moist as it can be.
  4. When should I put the rub on,Friday night? Saturday morning?
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    I put my rub on about twelve hours before I plan on putting it on the smoker. Its bbq, so this time put the rub on at one time and next time try another time. Experiment until you find what you like.

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