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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tatonka, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. How's it going everyone! I just came across this place and like what I see so far! I've had this side firebox charcoal bbq smoker for about 2 years now. I've whipped up some ribs on there for friends in the summertime and they just love it! [​IMG] I'm looking to "hone" my skills using this thing and get into making brisket and buffalo and elk meats on it. Any help in this area would be awesome!

  2. Welcome to SMF. I've got no idea how to make any type of big game like you're looking for, but if you goto the Wild Game forums, someone else probable does. You'd be surprised what kind of knowledge is here waiting to be tapped into.
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    Welcome to the SMF! [​IMG]
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    welcome to smf. i agree, go to the wild game forum. i haven't smoked any wild game, but i have done alot of briskets. brisket is our favorite.
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    Welcome aboard[​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard!!
  7. Well, along with wild game, I wanna learn the ancient art of brisket cooking for sure. I've got all sorts of game (deer, elk, moose, and bison). Got some nice bison short ribs, but affraid to cook 'em up on my charcoal grill. Still not too savy in the indirect heating method used with the firebox. Figure this would be the bestest place to gain that knowledge though.
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    You have come to the right place ... welcome to SMF!

    If after checking out all the various threads, you have questions ... please ask ... lots of answers here ... some you may even like! [​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard the SMF![​IMG]
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    Welcome to the forum, James. I hope you enjoy your visits here. It is a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and to find knowledge. The friendly folks here are always eager to share.
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    Welcome Tatonka -

    Sounds like you've got some real seriously big qing planned! Don't forget the pictures!
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    This is the right place to be Tatonka! Welcome! Ask what you don't know, but know what you don't ask! (Hey, I kinda like that... [​IMG] )

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