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  1. Hi all,

    Newbie here with first butt smoke.  Been wanting to do this since I got my smoker (Smokin-It #2).  I've smoked chicken, BB ribs, spares and a tri tip.  Got 15lbs of boneless pork butt at $1.99lb from Costco on Saturday.  As soon as I got home, I rinsed, dried, rubbed and tied the butts.  Then into the fridge for ~6 hours.

    Luckily I thought to start these guys on Saturday night before bed because it took 17.5 hrs to hit an IT of 201 degrees.  Talk about slow!


    Tied and wrapped.

    Into smoker at 10pm.  Smoker set to 225 degrees.  About 4oz of apple wood chunks in box.  Could have used more smoke.  Next time!

    Woke up at 8:30am and the IT was 174.  Did not foil these guys cuz I wanted some good bark.

    Homemade coleslaw.  Lightly dressed - I don't like a lot of mayo.

    Oh baby, looking good.  Ready to take out a wrap.

    Both were wrapped in foil and put in cooler with towels top/bottom.  Removed one after about 45 min rest because it was dinner time.  The other was in cooler for ~2.5 hours.

    First one pulled.  Pulled by hand.  Was a touch dry IMO but put a bit of Chef Jimmy J's foil sauce on it and that fixed it right up.  Will calibrate my temp probe.  If it's okay then next time I'll pull them from the smoker at 195+.

    Served it on white rolls with some Guy Fieri Carolina #6 on mine.  Hubby had some concoction he made out of Stubbs Spicy plus some other stuff.  Definitely need to venture into the sauce-making part of this whole thing.

    No pics of the assembled sandwiches because I was hungry.  But I have the fixins for lunch so I'll upload a pic when I make it.

    Second one pulled.   Vac-packed the leftovers.  Have about 7-8lbs of LO for future enjoyment.

    Wouldn't have been able to enjoy this as much without all the help and encouragement from this forum.  Thanks for looking!  
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    Awesome Job

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Great job!  [​IMG]


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