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  1. Hello to all I am new to smoke I had an old brinkman charcoal smoker then bought a electric. now I am buying a Great outdoors propane smoker from

    is there anything that I should know or do any of you have this smoker
    thanks in advance
  2. brennan

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    I personally don't have that kind of smoker, but 'round these parts they're called GOSM gassers. Plenty of folks on here have them from what i've seen. I hear they work great.
  3. tonto1117

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    Welcome to the SMF blizzardsnest. iI also have an GOSM(Great Outdoor Smokey Mountain) smoker and love it!!! Youv'e come to the right plae to learn all about yours and every other smoker out there! Look under "Propane Smokers" section of the forum to get started. Also Jeff offers a free 5 day eCourse that is great.

    Glad you found us and enjoy the forum. If you have any questions, just ask, somone will help ya out shortly.
  4. hawgheaven

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    Welcome aboard blizzardsnest! Glad you found us!
  5. deejaydebi

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    Welcome Blizzardsnest -

    Just be sure to season it and keep an extra bottle of gas handy!
  6. How do you season the smoker ? And if these question are redundant I am sorry. I so new to this with a lot to learn. thank yall for your help so far.
  7. jts70

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    Blizzard, Welcome to The SMF! I also have the GOSM you are going to love it,
    here is a link on how to get started.

    It is listed in the related links on the left as well. What are you gonna smoke first?

    OOPS I goofed wrong link but useful none the less.

    Heres what yay once you have it set up you want to wash off the packing dust, spra the whole thing down with pam add some wood and ccrank it up. this will allow you to get fimilar with the unit and season it, ann hour is all you need
  8. ron50

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    First off, welcome to SMF. I have a Camp Chef Smoke Vault which is very similar to the GOSM. It makes some great Q.

    To season it, wash off the removable wire racks in warm soapy water and dry them well. Spray the inside surfaces of the smoker with a cooking spray like PAM. Turn up the smoker and let it go for a couple hours. Then you can toss in a few chunks of wood into the wood tray and keep it at 225-250.

    You are then all set to have your first smoke. Good luck.
  9. Welcome aboard. I have the vertical propane smoker and it works great.
    Alot of good information and good people here to help you. Good luck smoking.
  10. you aint wrong there. i am so glad i found this site. everyone has already helped me a ton. thank you to every one.[​IMG]

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