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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by roched11, Jun 11, 2014.

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      Hey everyone, my name is Terry, screen name RocHed11, Male 57, Married for 26 years, work for service company in the Oilfields. I live in Bakersfield, Ca.

      I currently don't have a smoker but my buddy bought 2 smokers in the last couple months know how that goes.   So, I'm in the process of getting one. I haven't made up my mind but am leaning toward one with a offset fire box. I know I'll probably have to made some mods but I don't want to go too high end in case I find it not to my liking or too time consuming.

      I've been looking for for about a week and stumbled across this site yesterday. From the little of this massive site I've been able to see so far, I can tell it has a wealth of information and is exactly what a newbie like me needs.

     Looking forward to  learning, experimenting and learning to go Low and Slow

                                   Regards, Terry 
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    Welcome Terry, I have a pellet smoker (GMG) & I really enjoy it ! Just my 2 cents !
  3. Hello Terry, welcome from East Texas, look through the forums and threads lots of good information on there

    Gary S
  4. Terry, Welcome from Modesto. In sure you will get plenty of advice on which way to lean when looking for your new smoker. No one on this site is shy. Happy smoking.

  5. If you are going to buy a COS (cheap offset smoker), be prepared to do some modifications if you want a decent cooker. I know first hand because I have one. I have the chargriller outlaw. I did lots of mods and learned a lot from guys on this forum. Also, there's a learning curve with these things, as they are not set it and forget it. It takes some practice to maintain a hot clean fire. That being said, I love my smoker. It's produced some great smoked meats. Whatever your decision, good luck.

  6. geerock

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    Hey Terry, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard. Best of luck on the smoker search.

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