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    Hi everybody!

    So I've been in Boston since December 2013 and recently bought a second-floor condo with a deck. City smoking is another kind of thing. Law says you can't have a grill on the deck, but nothing about smokers so I got a 30" 2nd gen MES. Had it for about three months now. I put the gas grill down in the driveway.

    So far I've done baby backs a couple of times, one pork butt, a brisket and some spare ribs. Just got the cold smoker attachment but haven't used it yet other than for a burn in. Shocked at how much smoke it can throw. The lady above me hasn't complained about the smoker, but when I saw how much the cold smoker was putting out I shut it down because I was certain it had to be going in her windows. She's a vegetarian so I can't even offer up any Q to keep her happy. Maybe cheese or something. I don't know. Also just got a meat grinder so I'm looking to smoke some sausage too.

    I also have some experience with my dad's charcoal bullet smoker. I've been using it when I'm home for about two years or so and have done baby backs, brisket, whole chicken and wild duck (terrible idea).

    I'm from French Lick, IN, which is pretty cool since I'm in Boston now. I've also lived in DC, Denver, Spokane, Hong Kong and San Luis Obispo, CA.

    Anyway, I love this site and am super pumped to keep learning and keep smoking. I tried to post some shots below.


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  2. COOL !!!    hello and welcome from East Texas

    Gary S

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