New project: Automating an analog MES

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  1. I currently own the analog MES smoker. It drives me up a wall trying to tune in the temperature using the dial that reads Low/Medium/High. I'm currently beginning a project to convert the smoker over to an automated system that'll allow me to adjust and check temperatures online without ever having to mess with the smokers horrible temp control. I thought it would be a good idea to share the project here.

    So far I have purchased all of the components and they are en-route

    Parts List:

    Arduino UNO R3
    - This is the brains off the project. For those that don't know, the arduino is a board containing a microprocessor and necessary electronics to support it. It has multiple pins to run all of the necessary peripherals.

    AdaFruit LCD Shield
    -The Arduino has this concept of stackable shields that allow you to add components by simply "stacking" the boards on top. The LCD will will allow me to interface with the system at the board circumventing the network.

    Adafruit Wifi Breakout Board
    -Just like it sounds it is a wifi chipset and supporting electronics. I plan to connect the system into my home network which should allow me to view temperatures and control the system over the Internet.

    25A DC to AC Solid State Relay
    -The muscle of the system. I'm going to use the relay to switch the smoker on/off. Working like a typical relay it receives a small voltage from Arduino board which triggers a switch and powers the element in the smoker.

    4 Thermal Probes
    -I'm going to be using replacement thermal probes from a maverick. They are thermistors and will measure the temperature of the smoke chamber in addition to any meat I'm smoking at the time.

    I can't take credit for any of these ideas. Almost everything I'm going to do has been done before. I would link to their websites, but I know links aren't allowed. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please list them here. I have used arduino boards in the past but nothing of this scale. It'll definitely be a learning adventure!
  2. Sounds like it will be a GREAT setup. Keep the info and some pics coming.

    Happy smoken.


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