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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by schmakalak, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. schmakalak

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    Hello everyone, just received a new MES as a gift. I'm excited to get this thing going and wondering what I should throw in on opening night. Any suggestions? 

    Also, if anyone has any tips for using the unit, or accessories I should go buy, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  2. jckdanls 07

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    Welcome to your new addiction (smoking and the forums)... the search bar at the top will answer ALL your questions.... good luck...
  3. Hi after you get your new smoker broke in and do the prep burn my choice is to smoke 10.00 worth of pork tenderloin. You get 2 to a pk normally and they are about 1.5 pounds each. Pork tenderloin is the easiest to smoke . Just clean rinse dry sprinkle rub on and smoke at about 225 for 1-2 hours to a internal temp of 144. that is my favorite temp. It is almost instant gratification. I use hickory but any will do. I suspect you will be using chips(we all did) only add 1/4 cup at a time and add them dry no matter what the book says. At about 120 it you can sauce or just let them cook. 

    this is what they will look like.

    here is a link to a good rub I use

    Good luc,k have fun and ask any question any time  Jted
  4. schmakalak

    schmakalak Newbie

    Wow, those look damn good. Im gonna go for a variety of stuff on the first smoke but now i will have to do at least a pack of those. Thanks man
  5. There is a learning curve to a electric smoker. It's not hard or long  but it is there. The tenderloin will give you some experience and they don't take a long time. If you have them ready and get them in  just before a football game they will be ready by half time. don't over cook them!  Jted
  6. goldmine1965

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    Cornish game hens are good to try early on in the learning. That is what I did, and they came out pretty good. And they are pretty inexpensive, so if there is a mistake, you won't be out much money.
  7. goldmine1965

    goldmine1965 Smoke Blower

    I would also say to get the A-Maze-N Pellet smoker from A-Maze-N Products. You can use it to burn pellets in your smoker instead of wood chips. You get the pellets lit properly and they will give you up to 11-12 hours of continuous smoke time. If you stay with the wood chips, you will be adding chips every 30 minutes or so.
  8. amlong88

    amlong88 Meat Mopper

    A wireless digital thermometer is a must. I suggest the maverick et732 or et733. Much more accurate than what the unit comes with.

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